Fake Rolex watches Models

rolex dupeRolex Date ‘Thunderbird’ model 1625: The Date models were presented with a coin edge bezel, which later were supplanted by another fluted bezel alongside a bigger crown. During the 50’s, Rolex presented the Date model 6605 with the cyclops, or the amplifying bubble that is put over the date on the watch’s gem. In 1956, Rolex delivered a Date model called the Thunderbird model 1625. This watch highlighted a Turn-O-Graph gold Bezel.

Initially, Rolex offered the Date in 18kt yellow gold and subsequent to seeing a lot of progress; they were presented in treated steel, white gold, or platinum. By1962 the two-tone Date models were available for use. Likewise around this time, the Dates were presented with a choice of a Jubilee arm band, an Oyster wristband, or a calfskin lash.

Also, Rolex supplanted the first four-digit case reference number with an aaa rolex. Around this time, Rolex additionally presented the Oyster date which is basically the same as the Date, the main contrast being 2mm more modest. By then, at that point, the Date offered the fair size which is 80 percent the size of the first.

Case Size: Mens: 36 mm, Midsize: 31 mm, Ladies: 26/29 mm

Carry Size: Mens: 20 mm, Midsize: 17 mm, Ladies: 13 mm

Submariner model 6204: Rolex went through severe examinations, testing the Submariner model in profound waters to a profundity of 3,150 meters 10,336 ft. The watch endured the hardest tests, having endured freezing temperatures, as well as the mileage of undertakings. Rolex sent off the Submariner model 6204 at the Basel Fair in 1954 in spite of the fact that it is accepted that it was really delivered in late 1953 and depended on the Rolex Explorer. Going against the norm, the name Submariner was not authoritatively protected until around 1960. Whenever presented, the Submariner was controlled by the A296 development however was then supplanted with the 1030 development and Mercedes hands, which is more lengthened than the current variant. In 1955, model 6538 supplanted 6204 and the 6205 by 6536 separately. Model 6536 then became 6536/1, including a chronometer variant of the 1030 development. New Submariner models highlighted another scratch-safe sapphire precious stone and an updated profundity rating of 1,000 feet.

Case Size: All models: 40 mm

Drag Size: All models: 20 mm

Cosmograph Daytona model 6239: Rolex were trailblazers in fostering the Oyster and Perpetual. Subsequently, Rolex was not notable for spearheading chronographs. Anyway the accomplishment of the Cosmograph prompted Rolex to be in the place of being a definitive athlete’s watch. These watches before long took on the name Daytona subsequent to being searched out by the absolute greatest names in auto hustling in one of the greatest dashing networks of Daytona Beach, Florida. At the outset, the Daytona’s were accessible in two dials, either in dark with silver registers or cream white with dark registers. Before long, these dials embraced the name Paul Newman after he was seen wearing it in the film Winning.